First, a little lesson in how newspapers hint at things [3]. Not that they would admit as much, of course. A further explanation here [4].

Sometimes people haven't quite grasped the point [5] or meaning of these political donation things. 

It would appear that however correct they are, not all of Bjorn Lomborg's ideas are entirely new [6]

Some climate change news that you might have missed [7]

An update on the "success" of the biofuels campaign in Nebraska [8]

Fortunately, as Hans Martin Tillack has finally found out [9], dissing the EU is not in fact a crime. Although, sadly, there seem to be those who think it ought to be [10]

And finally [11], on yesterday's great Guardian scoop about Northern Rock. Err, yes, the SIV benefits a charity, umm, as it is supposed to. If you ask HMRC nicely, they'll even send you a CD on how it works.