Excellent advice for those who would understand either American politics or economics in general. Read PJ O'Rourke [3]. Greg Mankiw (who teaches the ec.10 course at Harvard) has been known to add him to his reading lists.

For those who would go a little deeper, another recomendation. Hernando de Soto manages to explain [4] more about why some places grow and others don't.

Gary Becker [5] explains something about the sub prime crisis:  it can't have been a plot by predatory lenders, as it's the lenders who are losing the money (unless said lenders were in fact insanely stupid which would be a rather different problem).

(Sweary alert) We have the usual sight [6] of politicians being generous with our money, not so much with their own.

A thought on social democracies and their high tax rates [7] :  how do you keep them (both the taxes and the citizens subject to them) when emigration becomes ever easier?

One way the net is changing the world: making [8] the oddest of hobbies easier. 

And finally [9] , Bah Hecate! to the whole Christmas thing.