A nice little reminder [3] of a basic classically liberal thought. Yes, we are against business gorging on the taxpayers' money, just as much as we are anyone else. Corporate welfare is no more admirable (and as compared to those who really need aid, less so) than any other kind.

An extraordinarily awful and depressing [4] story of the vileness of which man is capable.

It would appear [5] that the scientific credentials of those at the IPCC who have created the scientific consensus about climate change are less robust than is often thought. 

With stories like this [6] it's difficult to believe that we have the very best patent system possible. 

Perhaps not the very bestest [7] honours list ever? 

Just to dispel any rumours of Netsmith's philistinism, a sketch [8] of 20 th century music trends and a wonderful art exhibition [9]

And finally, the EU and comic characters [10]. Please make up your own jokes about the EU as comic characters.