There are a number of people who aren't all that keen on what Hillary Clinton has said about trade. Daniel at the Times [3], Willem Buiter [4] in the FT, Clive Crook [5] in the FT, but here's why she actually said what she said [6].

On the subject of what politicians say in public, Guido on Peter Hain's latest little statements [7]

On trade [8], why don't people get this? We impose sanctions to punish countries: so tarrifs, which are sanctions upon us, well, why are we punishing ourselves?

Could this actually be true? More storms are being named [9], which pushes up the "hurricane count": but more storms are being named because lower wind speeds now qualify a storm as one that should be named? 

The equation you need [10] if you want to improve your profits as a dope dealer. 

Technology [11] can build businesses up and it can also destroy entire industries, as the history of porn online seems to be showing.

And finally [12], Hugo Chavez has accepted the results of the referendum. Does this make him more of a democrat than the EU?