The latest from the frontline in the battle against CO2 emissions. Burn one less candle [3] for Channukah. No, really.

Did you know that you should also avoid divorce [4] because it's bad for the environment? 

How about the Common Fisheries Policy? Yes, that's bad for the environment [5] too, just that the EU can't quite bring itself to say so. 

If you want to know what really happened with that Nimrod crash then here are all the details [6] .

The sub-prime crash: if you could actually find all the relevant details [7] then there's a lot of money to be made. 

Following on from Tom's piece this morning on Hillary and trade, Greg Mankiw's [8] piece on why the basic arguments are incorrect. 

And finally [9] , who should we tax, the munts or the good looking?