Mirable dictu! It would appear that a large majority [3] of the British public actually do understand the points about free trade. Now all we have to do is get the politicians to understand....

 Gary Becker poses an interesting question [4] . Why is tax evasion actually so low?

Teaching economics through popular music [5] . An example: In this excerpt, Coolio suggests that he would rap for no money. Draw a representative labor supply curve.

Teaching economics by video: in this one [6] , tax competition and its value in keeping pressure on governments to be efficient (replace with "not so grasping" to taste). 

Teaching the economics of fisheries [7] by blog post. It's a Commons problem and will only be solved by that which solves such problems: property rights.

A twist: teaching yourself about bias [8] by talking to economists. 

And finally [9] , pie shops and Cantonese and the wonders of Stenthenge [10]