Noting [3] a truth [4] about computer games like Sim City and Civilization. If you run your society as a high tax, high regulation one, it doesn't actually work.

A thought: was Mother Theresa greedy? Insatiably so? Yes, indeed she was [5] and a good thing too.  

Bill Clinton is now claiming [6] that Hillary aided the Northern Ireland peace process. Given that everything was done to make sure the moderates lost, this is a recommendation? 

(Sweary alert). If the alternative to climate change is eternal bondage to the State Carbon Police [7] , well, which should we choose? 

George Monbiot's piece this morning [8] is refuted here by another from the left. If carbon trading there is going to be of course [9] it should be international. 

The perils of machine translation [10] . Some way to go yet.

And finally, 80s pop music [11] clearly suffered from an absence of the rock n'roll spirit and three more here [12] and they could remake Rawlinson End.