Good sense [3] on the special pleading coming from Bali by the less developed nations. No, you shouldn't get special treatment for your CO2 emissions.

Netsmith knows less about Rawls than he ought to: but is the fact that [4] people play the lottery a refutation of the "Veil of Ignorance" argument? 

Ian Dale's new political magazine: there might be something interesting to this business model [5] you know? 

We haven't been able to stop the absurdity of the European Parliament decamping to Strasbourg every month on cost or rationality grounds: perhaps we can on environmental [6]

This may well be true but the last line tells us why it might not be useful [7]

Harriet Harman's ideas on paying for sex are clearly bonkers: but are they also discriminatory [8]

And finally, not something you ever expected to see written: fun Venn Diagrams [9]