Every American child has the chance to become President, so the saying goes. Not if their parents have anything to do with it though: let my child [3] become anything, a janitor or a used car salesman, rather than a politician.

A stunning statistic: only 300 titles a year are translated into Arabic. Fortunately, there'll soon be another 100 [4], including Milton Friedman's "Capitalism and Freedom". That might shake a few things up. 

If you're going to run a campaign calling for "fair pay" for everyone, shouldn't you [5] actually pay those running the campaign for you? 

More news [6] of dirty goings on [7] in the US mortgage market but this time on the sales to investor side, not the lending.

That Vioxx settlement: did the plaintiff's lawyers actually have a decent case [8] or was it a shakedown? 

The UN has passed [9] a resolution calling for the respect for the value systems of all religions. The voting list either side is interesting. 

And finally, in entirely unrelated news [10] governments are not handing over enough money to the UN so they are asking that (giggle) private companies might like to fund the UN.