The evidence continues to come in. If we want a better health care service than the NHS we're going to have to pay attention to patients' incentives. Thus, to introduce co-payments for treatment. Free at the point of use isn't efficient [3] and is thus inequitable.

We've said it before [4] and no doubt we'll have to again. We really don't as yet have the best copyright system possible.  

So if politicians don't actually do very [5] much, why do we have politicians? 

Tsk, silly Netsmith. So that they don't have to be subject [6] to the same laws as the rest of us, of course. 

A truly stunning [7] calculation, quite horrific.

Well, yes, of course the BBC is biased [8]: just not perhaps in quite the way that you expect. 

And finally [9], Trevor Phillips would like to have a law that doesn't involve lawyers. Good luck there Trev.