Defending Peter Hain [3] (we know, not the most likely of activities). What business is it of the State or the criminal law how a private organisation chooses its leaders, or how that process is funded?

Similarly, what business [4] is it of the State or a Human Rights Commission what a magazine publishes (subject to libel and incitement to violence)? 

This also [5] seems to be something of an intrusion into areas that should remain private, part of family life. 

A very clever [6] piece of economics: and from politicians to boot. 

Normal service is resumed: a very stupid [7] piece of economics from a bureaucrat. Another [8] from a politician.

Celebrating [9] the little guy: a selection of posts from lesser known blogs, the best of 2007. 

And finally, something [10] you might care to support and more on the law of holes. When in one, stop digging, but if you don't, where will you [11] end up?