One view [3] of how the political system works: an auction of other peoples' money.

Another view: you really shouldn't [4] take the tax subsidies, for if you do, you'll end up becoming captive. 

Yet another [5]: at some point on Northern Rock someone is going to have to say that the hole is deep enough already, so let's stop digging. 

A fourth view [6]: sometimes it really is true that the artist brings a clarity, a purity, to the description of life.  

A markets in everything moment: a futures market [7] for gadgetry. You can pre-sell (or rather, buy an option to do so) your electronic gew gaws as you buy them. 

Sad new [8], PJ. O'Rourke is no longer funny. Worse, he's actually morphed into being a writer. 

And finally [9], The Dissident Frogman has found a way to become stinking rich.