Economists and politicians: sadly [3], while the economists might have some pretty good ideas, the politicians, well, no one actually knows.

Then again, some politicians [4] seem to have sensible ideas, it's the rest of their party that holds them back. 

Just what is the optimal size [5] for a firm or organisation? Sadly, no one knows except ex-post: which is why having politicians trying to determine it won't work. 

So this saving the planet [6] stuff: how's it going to work when one EU insistence on energy meets another on the environment? 

Was the rise in tax revenues [7] in the 1920s a Laffer Curve event? 

A shout out to one of our blogging friends [8] : cancer is treatable but pimples where? Ouch! Get well soon! 

And finally [9], perhaps not the best part of the world to be getting advice from on these two problems.