The traditional statement is that half of your advertising budget is wasted. If only [3] it were that efficient!

There's more information coming out about those derivatives trading losses at Soc Gen. According to one whisper they were actually in profit [4] by €1.6 billion at one point. 

An altogether more amusing rumour. Apparently M. Kerviel was driven into his behaviour by something terribly un-French: reading Adam Smith's [5] "The Wealth of Nations" 

On which subject, here's PJ O'Rourke talking [6] about his book on Adam Smith. 

Even the ECB now agrees: there's a trade off between redistribution now and wealth in years to come. Higher government spending [7] reduces GDP growth. 

How odd [8], a politician arguing that transparency is essential for football clubs but not for politicians.  

And finally [9], film of how lefties do when they actually try to run something. Extra-ordinarily amusing, if it were not for the fact that many of these people are now trying to run larger and more important things. Like, say, the BBC documentaries division.