The latest outrage is the proposed muzzling [3] of the Coroners. Here's why [4] it's an outrage. As so often, the courts and the law are there to protect us from an overmighty State.

An excellent list [5] of things that every environmentalist really ought to try and understand about the world. 

Those Cuban election [6] results. You do have to wonder why they bother, really. 

Google's a very smart company: but are they smart enough [7] not to over-estimate the intelligence of politicians? 

Sometimes banning things is efficient. Sometimes it isn't [8]. As so often, the answer is, it depends. 

Reviewing Tim Harford: remember [9], that by living in the 21st century you have won the lottery of life. 

And finally [10], looks like someone else has picked up this idea of collecting interesting blog posts.