A quite remarkable [3] economic finding: the slave trade quite possibly being responsible for the shorter life spans of African Americans. 

A note to environmentalists. Here's the list [4] of things that you can usefully worry about and try to change. Rather than the ones you are worrying about.

A nice laying out [5] of the point of economics. It's not trying to tell us how the world should be: rather, trying to tell us how it is. 

And what can sadly happen [6] when an economist moves from describing how the world is to how he thinks it ought to be. 

Guido points out [7] that the investigative committee into MPs' expenses isn't really all that investigative.

A reminder [8] that not everything in the newspapers is quite what it seems. Some quoted there represent no one but themselves. 

And finally [9], some money on offer if you can teach economics better than a high priced call girl.