A reminder that, as in the US, so in the UK. Houses have not in fact become more expensive in recent years. Permission to build [3] a house however has.

As so often happens, the fight to extend recording copyrights having failed in the UK it's now been moved up to the European level [4]: where the idiocy might succeed. 

Extraordinarily dubious [5] statistics from the anti-smoking front. If rates of myocardial infarcts are declining anyway, why should a decline that coincides with a ban on smoking in public places be ascribed solely to the ban? Or at all?

Isn't it wondrous when we have to turn to the nation's cook [6] to get sense spoken on matters political? 

Yet more [7] on the importance of mobile phones to development and how to get more of them and it. 

If the price of drugs [8] is dropping, then supply is growing, yes? The alternative, that demand is dropping, seems unlikely. 

And finally [9], British builder spotted in Washington DC.