We've been endlessly told that the disappearance of the Arctic Sea ice will doom the polar bear. Odd really that currently they're being killed [3] by an excess of Arctic Sea ice.

An interesting point [4]: which should we fear most, socialism or statism? The two are decidedly not the same thing. 

Yet another example [5] of how we are lied to given the mushroom treatment. How many (if any at all?) lives have been saved by compulsory seat belts?

Yes, even in this dumbed down age [6] it is possible to give answers that mean you fail the exam. No, crime is not a good thing because it gives jobs for the lawyers and the police to do.

A contentious but very scary [7] enumeration of the true value of the national debt.

Why ask government to do what you [8] could manage to do for yourself? The answer, of course, is that you don't get to use other people's money to pay for it that way. 

And finally [9], an excellent new law designed to increase information to consumers is diminishing the information available to consumers. Well done that man.