The BMA report this morning is getting something of a slating for its, umm, how to put this, ignorance of some of the finer points [3] of economic analysis. More here [4].

On the subject of bansturbation, the effect [5] of the smoking ban on both Working Men's clubs and the variety circuit. Many more unintended consequences than we were told there would be.

Excellent fun about Jerome Kerviel. Apparently he was over €1 billion up [6] at the turn of the year. Might his bonus have influenced [7] him? 

My, my. Given the choice [8] it looks like people move to States with higher economic freedom and lower tax rates. More here [9].

Perhaps not all that surprising though: large numbers have been known to try and leave this country [10]

A description of how government actually works to spend that tax money: policy first [11], then evidence. 

And finally [12], yes, the cause of many late nights.