Correcting the statistics [3] behind the current hysteria over the costs to the nation of drinking. Things really are not as we're being led to believe.

The BMA is not being entirely consistent [4] either. But then there's always been some amusement in the idea of an anti-alcohol campaign being run by ex-medical students.

Caculating the benefits [5] or not of a basic income system. More work needed but this is a start. 

Harriet Harman shows that [6] an expensive education may take you a long way: but it won't necessarily educate you. 

An economist visits Cuba [7]. More exploration [8] of the place.  

Paying £1 million on a 50 p accumulator? It's a rip off [9]! Should be £1,000,000.14 at least! 

And finally [10], yes, this is the Irish entry to Eurovision. Stay tuned to see if our Continental friends have a sense of humour.