One argument used in favour of progressive taxation is the diminishing marginal utility of income. David Friedman [3] doesn't think it's a very valid one though.

The absurdiity [4] of the current management of schools and access to them. Vouchers please, the Swedish Option. 

Guido reveals [5] quite how much a political family can make these days. 

As ever [6] in politics, sincerity's the thing. If you can fake that you've got it made. 

Just how much [7] of the cost of a nuclear plant is actually the cost of a nuclear plant: and how much is the paperwork? 

Further bad regulation [8]: the problems of tin whiskers and the banning of lead solders. 

And finally, the history of economic thought in four minutes [9], or, for the traditionalists, the same subject [10] by Sellars and Yeatman's amanuensis.