Another example of the lunacies to which the War on Drugs leads us. The banning [3] of small plastic bags.

On the rise of the minimum wage. It's not actually going to change [4] the income of those on it very much: although it will cost businesses a great deal. 

Wat Tyler attends Parliament. So, just what are they going to do with all those 16-18 year olds who will be subjected to educational conscription? Umm, they haven't worked that out [5] yet. 

As Milton Friedman said, there's nothing so permanent [6] as a temporary government program. 

Government in Romania might be glaringly and obviously [7] rent seeking, but it's only a matter of degree: this happens to some extent everywhere. 

Well, yes, although rent-avoiding [8] rather than seeking might be the phrase here. 

And finally [9], could this be the reason for the low birth rate in Finland?