Well, surprise surprise, there really is a relationship [3] between the rule of law and the wealth of a country. But as the original researcher [4] points out, it's a long term matter.

An excellent fun game for all the family to play. Lol Blairs [5]. Don't worry if you don't understand the idea yet: just ask anyone under 20.

The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail: how about viewing it as a test bed [6] of superstar economics? 

A bit of a stretch perhaps, but a reason to urge dictatorships to host the Olympic Games?

Another 11 "victories [7] " in the War on Drugs. 

A provocative thought: were Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay railroaded [8] in the Enron case? And what about those Nat West bankers?  

And finally [9], the English legal profession appears to have some problems as well.