As Bernard Levin predicted those years ago with his spotting of the Single Issue Fanatic, the decisive change in life has been the march of the zealots [3]. It's led to a large fall [4] (sad to say) in social liberalism along the way.

Indeed, a substantial decline [5] in liberalism of all sorts. 

Not quite the done thing [6] right at the moment, but defending financial innovation and the derivatives markets. 

The worst movie of all time [7] and the application of correct thinking about sunk costs. 

Such a waste, how could such a thing happen [8] in the educational system? Although, not all the news [9] from that sector is bad. 

Most important to make the distinction [10] between the workers' wages and the workers' compensation. 

And finally [11], why all this fuss over human/animal hybirds? Been going on for years, hasn't it?