When even Paul Krugman comes out against them [3] (to add to Greenpeace, ourselves, FoE, WSJ, the Royal Society, in fact, everyone who has ever looked at the issue) then yes, biofuels are indeed a scam. Sadly, there's not much we can do about it here as the European Union are the only people not yet onboard and they make [4] the rules.

How wonderful (if true, naturally), the about to be General Secretary of the Labour Party won't take the post [5] because he's worried that said Party is about to go bankrupt. 

On the other side of the divide, Osborne seems to be thinking [6] sensibly about macroeconomics. 

Newspapers versus readers: or how we get [7] the newspapers that we actually desire, rather than what others think we should desire. 

To some extent (and only to some) it's misleading to talk of the "US" housing market [8] crisis. As with the preceeding boom, it's very much a regional affair. 

Further proof [9] that if you owe enough then it's someone elses' problem, not yours. 

And finally, translation errors [10] and wouldn't it be wonderful if all doctors [11] were this forthright?