Yes, it really is true. Tax competition (and that includes the existence of tax havens) does indeed lead to tax policieis which promote growth: by lowering the rates that can be charged. No, really, the OECD says [3] so.

Aoril 15th is Biofuels Day [4]. A cause for celebration, or one for sadness and recrimination? 

Yes, if course you must obey the law [5]. It's just that we're not going to tell you what the law is, so you won't know if you're breaking it. Cute, eh?

A useful guide [6] to sorting the celebrity surgeons from the snake oil merchants. Similar constructs could be made for many areas of life. 

How the Chinese press reported [7] the passage of the Olympic torch relay. Nothing like fair and honest, eh? Nothing like at all. 

Needs repeating again [8]: manufacturing in the rich world has not been hollowed out, it is not in crisis. 

And finally [9], if a scientist were to get a tattoo, what sort of tattoo would it be?