Free Thoughts: Collected Columns of Jamie Whyte

Written by | Tuesday 15 October 2013

Jamie Whyte is a management consultant and former lecturer in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. This collection of his best columns for newspapers including The Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times captures his entertaining, thought-provoking style. Whyte is primarily concerned with the relationship between the state and individuals: invariably arguing that politicians should back off and leave us to make decisions for ourselves.

A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty

Written by | Friday 18 December 2009

  • Introduction by Richard Wellings
  • The importance of liberty by JC Lester
  • How markets work by Eamonn Butler
  • Free Trade by Daniel Griswold
  • Taxation and government spending by Daniel J. Mitchell
  • Property rights by Karol Boudreaux
  • Why government fails by Peter J. Boettke & Douglas B. Rogers
  • Sex, drugs and liberty by John Meadowcroft
  • Welfare without the state by Kristian Niemietz

Zero Base Policy

Written by | Wednesday 10 June 2009

Freedom 101

Written by | Saturday 12 April 2008

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