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How David Cameron can reverse Labour's unjustified attacks on civil liberties

Written by | Wednesday 7 October 2009

Over the last few years, many traditional liberties which protected our way of life have been removed or compromised by the Government's initiatives. In the name of taking more effective action against terrorists, drug dealers or paedophiles, customs and practices that shielded the citizen from arbitrary abuse by authority have been over-ridden or subverted.

Yes, let’s tax home ownership

Written by | Monday 28 September 2009

Vince Cable’s proposed ‘mansion tax’ on high-value homes has come in for a lot of flack, including from the ASI blog. But is it justified? Despite all the debate, I have still not seen a good argument against it that does not apply equally to parts of our existing tax system.

An information revolution

Written by | Tuesday 22 September 2009

In hankering for wide and sweeping reforms of our public services, the smaller steps that can be taken towards meaningful change are often overlooked, dismissed as vote-catching fads or shunted off to the sidelines. A particular proposal taking form from the utterances of David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet is one such specimen, and in forgetting about it, we risk jeopardising any further significant attempts at bringing greater choice and public decision-making into our public services.

In pursuit of the greatest happiness

Written by | Monday 21 September 2009

GDP is not the be-all and end-all of our existence; it talks of value added to economies but has little to say about anything else.

The BBC has never hesitated to use its tax-funded clout to take on private ventures

Written by | Friday 18 September 2009


Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, has stepped into a simmering row about the BBC's expansion policy. He says it is "at the limits of reasonable expansion." Set up originally by six private companies to broadcast radio programmes, and nationalised in 1927, the BBC has been a public body ever since. Although it attracted praise for the quality of its commercial-free broadcasting, the BBC has tried throughout its history to monopolise broadcasting by squeezing out competition.

Archbishop of Canterbury's views on the City capitalism veer close to populist sloganeering

Written by | Thursday 17 September 2009

I respectfully disagree with Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, over his views on the City and its finance industry. He regrets there has been "no repentance for the excesses which led to the economic collapse," and describes a feeling of "diffused resentment" that bankers have failed to accept their responsibility for the crisis.

It's time for a U-turn on drugs

Written by | Monday 14 September 2009

UK drug policy is a spectacular failure. Decriminalisation is the only way forward


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