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The million-year wait

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Saturday 01 January 2000

What do waiting lists measure?

The newspaper headlines which tell us there are now a million people on NHS waiting lists are rightly shocking. The figure means that one in sixty of us are now waiting for medical treatment. And by no means all of us are even ill. Of those who actually need the NHS to do something for them, it is more like one in six who are condemned to wait.

Simply No Mistake

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Thursday 26 November 1998

Outlines "the biggest pensions boost for women and carers since the creation of the welfare state" in which every pound put into a stakeholder pension would be topped up with another pound contributed by the chancellor, up to £20,000 each year. The report suggests that rules on pensions should be streamlined, scrapping limits on contributions and allowing people to save into company and personal plans at the same time.

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The Passbook Pension: meeting all the objectives for pension reform

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Wednesday 26 November 1997

Rhis Adam Smith Institute briefing paper addresses the challenges and requirements laid down by Harriet Harman's statement from July 1997 relating to stakeholder pensions. While retaining the guarantees of state provision, it offers people a voluntary, funded, simple alternatine to SERPS and the basic pension. Assuring everyone of security and dignity, not dependancy, in retirement.

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A Fund for Life

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Tuesday 26 November 1996

The UK state pension should be remodeled on Chile's privatized system which replaced its state pension with compulsory personal savings accounts which have become actuarially sound and secure, and secure, and offer flexible retirement ages, higher rates of return and stimulates economic growth.

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