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Running the buses

Type: ReportsWritten by Prof. John Hibbs OBE | Saturday 22 November 2003

Local authority officers, backed by proposals from Brussels, want to end the 20 year old deregulation of buses and bring bus operations back under their control, says transport executive Prof. John Hibbs OBE in a new ASI report. But that could mean less competition and higher taxes...

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Don't stop the Bus

Type: ReportsWritten by Prof. John Hibbs OBE | Friday 26 November 1999

Bus services would be more efficient if local transport officials, who seem bent on reversing the deregulation of the last decade, just got out of the way and let private bus companies manage things more freely, an international expert on transport argues. A government so committed to competition should reject highly regulated European-style 'franchise' systems that prevail in London, the report maintains.

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Trouble with the Authorities

Type: ReportsWritten by Prof. John Hibbs OBE | Tuesday 18 August 1998

This report assesses the powers and duties of Passenger Transit Authorities, to see how far they are needed; how much they cost to maintain; and whether such of their functions as may be justified could be better provided by the existing, directly elected local authorities. It finds that the
case for their abolition is strong.

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