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Wood for the Trees

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Monday 23 November 1992

The privatization of the Forestry Commission and the reasons why are looked into by Douglas Mason. He looks closely at the history of the Forestry Commission and the reasons as to why they have failed in all areas to make state owned forestry viable. He highlights one area, visitors to the forests, as the only one if run properly by the State that could be profitable, though the need for change exists. Douglas Mason also looks at how the privatization could be pushed through and how best to protect the forests under the private sector.

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Pining for Profits

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Wednesday 23 November 1988

A call for the Forestry Commission to be privatized as a single Scottish Company, as well as an assessment on what exactly the Commission's work entails.
"...throughout most of the past thirty years, doubts have been expressed about the economic justification for the Commission's continuing programme of afforestation, and, in more recent years, about the justification for its secondary objectives, particularly in the environmental field."

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Ex Libris

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Sunday 23 November 1986

Douglas Mason puts the case for reviewing public financing of libraries.

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Time to call time

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Sunday 23 November 1986

Way back in 1986 the Adam Smith Institute called for the reform and liberalisation of the archaic drinking and licensing laws of England and Wales. This study by the ASI compared the difference between Scotland and England and Wales after the laws had been changed North of the border. It found that even though alcohol was more readily available there, there was a reduction in the negative aspects of drink such as disorderly behaviour and health. Fifteen years on a government have finally seen sense and decided to relax the laws that govern drinking. The evidence of the past points towards a much safer and healthier environment.

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