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Why Not Work

Type: ReportsWritten by Ralph Howell | Monday 05 August 1991

"To offer people the chance to work and contribute their bit to the community must be better than trapping them in a depressing state of enforced idleness that leaves them less and less able to get back to work." So wrote Ralph Howell in 1991. Following on from Why Unemployment, he argues for radical changes to the welfare system so people can get back to work.

Download the PDF here.

Why Unemployment?

Type: ReportsWritten by Ralph Howell | Tuesday 01 January 1985

What now appears to be a seminal publication on the road to welfare reform. Ralph Howell examines the welfare system of the mid 1980s, what the Beveridge Report didn't utilise and how the two could be combined to create an incentivized work force and a simplified benefits system. This publication foreshadows many of the summer 2008 announcements.

Download the PDF here

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