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The government's new doomsmonger case for HS2

Type: Think PiecesWritten by John Burton | Friday 01 November 2013

John Burton shows how the government's new case for HS2 is even less convincing than the last.


Burning down the house: Why Help to Buy will ruin Britain's housing market

Type: ReportsWritten by Adam Smith Institute | Monday 02 September 2013

Why Help to Buy will stoke a housing bubble by boosting demand without doing anything for supply, and risk taxpayer money in the process.

Download report.

In praise of sprawl

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Deri Hughes | Tuesday 23 October 2012

Sprawl gets a bad rap, but, argues Deri Hughes, it's what people want. Government policy should stop trying to micromanage development and let people live in the houses they want.


Planning in a free society

Type: ReportsWritten by Tom Papworth | Thursday 08 March 2012

London as a case study for a spontaneously planned future.

The Town and Country Planning Act has failed. Restrictions on development, the Green Belt and the nationalized planning permission system have all helped to create a national housing crisis. In this report, an advance paper from the forthcoming Adam Smith Institute book A Manifesto for London, Tom Papworth argues for a radical reform of the British planning system, replacing it with a local, contractual and pluralist system to allow development whilst conserving areas of natural beauty and national heritage.

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