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The Universal Credit can still improve Britain's welfare

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Daniel Pryor | Thursday 12 December 2013

The Universal Credit can still work, says Daniel Pryor. If short-term problems are overcome it could be a simpler welfare system that does not pervert the incentives of the poor.


School Vouchers for England

Type: ReportsWritten by James Croft, Anton Howes and Gabriel Sahlgren | Wednesday 04 December 2013

How school vouchers can harness choice and competition to bring greater quality and equality in education. A joint publication of the Adam Smith Institute and the Centre for Market Reform in Education.

Ayn Rand: More Relevant Now Than Ever

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Lars Seier Christensen | Wednesday 20 November 2013

This is a transcript of the speech "Ayn Rand: More Relevant Now Than Ever" given by Lars Seier Christensen, Co-founder and CEO of Saxo Bank, at Goldmsith's Hall for the Adam Smith Institute's Ayn Rand Lecture on the 29th October 2013 


The Trading Dead

Type: ReportsWritten by Tom Papworth | Monday 18 November 2013

The zombie firms plaguing Britain's economy, and what to do about them.


Bitcoin is poised to shake the world: are you paying attention?

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Michael Taylor | Thursday 07 November 2013

Michael Taylor discusses the potential for Bitcoin to change the world as we know it.


The government's new doomsmonger case for HS2

Type: Think PiecesWritten by John Burton | Friday 01 November 2013

John Burton shows how the government's new case for HS2 is even less convincing than the last.


Thatcherism, trade unionism and all that

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Charles Hanson | Wednesday 16 October 2013

Dr. Charles Hanson explains the importance of Thatcher's union-taming policies for analysing her influence and impact, which he believes have been underplayed or ignored in many conventional histories.


Free Thoughts: Collected Columns of Jamie Whyte

Type: BooksWritten by Jamie Whyte | Tuesday 15 October 2013

Jamie Whyte is a management consultant and former lecturer in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. This collection of his best columns for newspapers including The Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times captures his entertaining, thought-provoking style. Whyte is primarily concerned with the relationship between the state and individuals: invariably arguing that politicians should back off and leave us to make decisions for ourselves.

Cash in the Attic

Type: ReportsWritten by Nigel Hawkins | Thursday 10 October 2013

Nigel Hawkins identifies £40bn of assets that the state could sell off to cut taxes or pay down the debt, including government-owned real estate, parts of state-owned companies like National Rail, and utilities that the government should not be running in the first place.

The life and legacy of Ronald Coase

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Vuk Vukovic | Wednesday 04 September 2013

The great economist Ronald Coase has died at the age of 103. Vuk Vukovic explains what made Coase such an influential and profound thinker.



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