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A Friend in Need

Type: ReportsWritten by Timothy Evans | Friday 23 November 1990

Based on the ideas of Labour MP Frank Field, this report suggests steps toward localization of welfare services through the old Friendly Societies system, rather than the modern state-centered organization. In a bold move away from his party, Field recognized the problems of the state controlled system and the benefits that market forces and local control could incur on the system proposal. In the move back to the Friendly Societies, unemployment benefits would be dispensed locally with specialized services specific to communities, giving customers options of moving to Societies which benefit them most - increasing level of service for all through competition. This report finally concludes that such a change could improve not only the UK, but services across Europe as the trends of competetiveness spread.

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A Fund for Life

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Tuesday 26 November 1996

The UK state pension should be remodeled on Chile's privatized system which replaced its state pension with compulsory personal savings accounts which have become actuarially sound and secure, and secure, and offer flexible retirement ages, higher rates of return and stimulates economic growth.

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A Labour-made crisis

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler | Thursday 05 March 2009

Dr Eamonn Butler argues that it is absurd for ministers to condemn Goodwin's deal given the pensions mess that they created.

A law to stop the splurge

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler | Sunday 16 May 2010

A new economic responsibility act is needed to prevent future governments spending and borrowing too much, according to Dr Eamonn Butler. He outlines the rules that would be needed to protect the public finances and secure Britain's future economic growth. 

A libertarian solution to the welfare state we’re in

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Peter Hill | Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Coalition's welfare reforms are too timid, says economist Peter Hill. Welfare-to-work schemes have failed, and adding more state intervention will only compound the problems. What is needed is a reform package that time limits out of work benefits, turns benefits into a genuine unemployment insurance scheme, and more.


A Moving Experience

Type: ReportsWritten by Edward Brooks | Friday 23 November 1990

Edward Brooks says the English house-selling system is archaic, costly, slow, and nerve-racking for all concerned. His solution? Binding contracts, house logbooks, searches done by vendors before the house is put on the market - and a second-hand market in houses.

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A Parliament for England

Type: ReportsWritten by Tom Clougherty | Tuesday 20 November 2007

This paper calls for an English Parliament, but in a novel form. Unlike proposals which involve a new layer of representatives, a fresh set of elections, and a new building to house it, the ASI proposal uses existing institutions. Under the ASI plan, following the next general election the MPs representing English constituencies should meet in the Palace of Westminster as the Parliament of England, having equivalent powers over health, education, policing and transport as the Scottish Parliament presently has.

They would elect a First Minister, as the Scots do, who would then put together a cabinet which would govern England in the designated areas of responsibility. The UK Parliament would remain responsible UK-wide matters and would control the various departments in charge of them: security and immigration, foreign affairs, international development, defence, employment and social security, energy, constitutional affairs, and tax and the economy.

A YouGov poll found that those in favour of this proposal outnumbered those against by a margin of two to one.

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A proposal for solving the pension crisis

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Tom Papworth | Monday 09 November 2009

Tom Papworth sets out how to solve the looming pensions crisis.

A scalpel is needed on health costs we can no longer afford

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Tom Clougherty | Saturday 12 June 2010

In this article Tom Clougherty explains why health spending needs to be cut and suggests the best ways of achieving these spending reductions. 

A short history of the social rights myth

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Rachel Patterson | Wednesday 25 March 2009

Today, many industrialized nations have developed a multitude of social programmes, and these have become so entrenched that theorists, and politicians alike, claim the 'right' of citizens to their services. We are told we have a right to health care, education, unemployment insurance, and so on. Indeed, Jack Straw, the UK Justice Minister, recently proposed to codify these entitlements in a new British Bill of Rights. But do we, as citizens of developed nations, actually have these rights?


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