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Simply No Mistake

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Thursday 26 November 1998

Outlines "the biggest pensions boost for women and carers since the creation of the welfare state" in which every pound put into a stakeholder pension would be topped up with another pound contributed by the chancellor, up to £20,000 each year. The report suggests that rules on pensions should be streamlined, scrapping limits on contributions and allowing people to save into company and personal plans at the same time.

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Simply Secure

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler, Adrian Boulding, Matthew Young | Thursday 26 November 1998

The report examines the design and regulation for the new wave of social-security partnerships. Reform of the pensions and social-insurance system is now a priority among politicians of all parties. Despite — or perhaps because of — the efforts of the last government to contain its costs, people are worried about the future security of the system, and press for change.

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Making Welfare Work

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Merrill Matthews | Thursday 26 November 1998

Dr Merrill Matthews of the National Center for Policy Analysis explores the lessons of the best and worst US state welfare reform programmes.

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Competition or Regulation?

Type: ReportsWritten by Simon Read | Thursday 26 November 1998

Simon Read's report anticipated much of what Ron Sandler came up with in his official government review of long term savings. Read proposes that products rather than the advice process, should be regulated - as they are in every other market. He argues for a simplified and standard tax structure covering all sorts of savings and investments, and simpler products that will allow charging structures to be simplified and charges reduced.

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Trouble with the Authorities

Type: ReportsWritten by Prof. John Hibbs OBE | Tuesday 18 August 1998

This report assesses the powers and duties of Passenger Transit Authorities, to see how far they are needed; how much they cost to maintain; and whether such of their functions as may be justified could be better provided by the existing, directly elected local authorities. It finds that the
case for their abolition is strong.

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Passbook to Security

Type: ReportsWritten by ASI Staff | Thursday 27 November 1997

This paper describes the main features of the Passbook Pension, its costs and benefits, its relationship to today's personal and occupational pensions, the appropriate tax and regulatory regime, and the speed and costs of introducing the reforms.

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Who Owns the Past?

Type: ReportsWritten by Andrew Selkirk | Wednesday 26 November 1997

Archeology has suffered from an increase of state intervention and subsidies since 1973. Moves away from the traditional treasure trove solution to wipe out looting will only serve to promote it. The answer is to 'amateurize' archeology and resist all temptations to nationalise Britain's heritage. The report advocates 'Independence Impact Statements' before government funds are channeled into projects from archeological digs to operatic productions. It offers solid proposals for a more cost-effective and consumer friendly Arts, Heritage and Culture policy.

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Underground Revolution

Type: ReportsWritten by Kenneth Irvine | Wednesday 26 November 1997

Private finance can save London Underground from crisis. The report proposes that three to five, probably four investment-led contracts, or "concessions", should be offered to private sector consortia to design, modernize, finance and operate services, stations and infrastructure. Such a structure would provide operational flexibility in deploying rolling stock and manpower It would also provide more bankable revenue streams.

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Deregulated Decade

Type: ReportsWritten by Professor John Hibbs OBE & Matthew Bradley | Wednesday 26 November 1997

The achievement of the bus industry in the last decade has been 'truly remarkable', emerging from a long period of managed decline to become market-led, quality minded, and capable of ending three decades of loss of custom to the car. This report assesses how innovation is winning people back to buses.

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The Passbook Pension: meeting all the objectives for pension reform

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler & Matthew Young | Wednesday 26 November 1997

Rhis Adam Smith Institute briefing paper addresses the challenges and requirements laid down by Harriet Harman's statement from July 1997 relating to stakeholder pensions. While retaining the guarantees of state provision, it offers people a voluntary, funded, simple alternatine to SERPS and the basic pension. Assuring everyone of security and dignity, not dependancy, in retirement.

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