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America’s Chief Magistrate and the Spirit of ’76

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Stephen MacLean | Thursday 08 November 2012

Remember, remember, what they vote for in November, says Stephen MacLean.


Just Rewards

Type: ReportsWritten by Sam Bowman | Monday 05 November 2012

Sam Bowman argues that a 'living wage' can be secured by taking the poor out of tax, not by raising the minimum wage and risking creating unemployment.

Strangled at birth: Why the Financial Conduct Authority is not fit for purpose

Type: ReportsWritten by Tim Ambler | Monday 29 October 2012

Why the Financial Conduct Authority will not be fit for purpose and should be scrapped in favour of a strengthened consumer ombudsman.

In praise of sprawl

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Deri Hughes | Tuesday 23 October 2012

Sprawl gets a bad rap, but, argues Deri Hughes, it's what people want. Government policy should stop trying to micromanage development and let people live in the houses they want.


Unburdening Enterprise

Type: ReportsWritten by Vuk Vukovic | Monday 22 October 2012

Vuk Vukovic outlines the key deregulations that need to be made to kick-start small and medium business employment and spur on a jobs-led recovery.

Tax freedom for the poor!

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Stephen MacLean | Tuesday 02 October 2012

Taking the poor out of income tax would be a compassionate, sensible, and Smithian step forward, argues Stephen MacLean.


Market-Based Bank Regulation

Type: ReportsWritten by Mikko I Arevuo | Friday 21 September 2012

Mikko Arevuo calls for a market-based alternative to bank regulation that puts executives on the line for bank failures by giving them a special class of share that makes them more liable for losses. By re-aligning incentives, other forms of bank regulation could be removed and a more stable financial system cultivated.

The results are in: Spending cuts, not tax hikes, are the road to recovery

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Vuk Vukovic | Thursday 13 September 2012

Vuk Vukovic draws on new academic research to argue that the historical evidence around recessions is clear: cutting government spending, not Keynesian stimulus, is the way to create a recovery.


Conspiracy theories: Back and to the Left?

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Chris Snowdon | Tuesday 04 September 2012

Are conspiracy theories a hallmark of the right? Or, asks Chris Snowdon, do th really big conspiracy theories go hand in hand with a grandiose statism?


Prohibition returns

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Chris Snowdon | Wednesday 29 August 2012

Tasmania's proposed smoking ban is another sign that anti-smoking campaigners are ready to come out of the closet and admit that they are prohibitionists, says Chris Snowdon.



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