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The Amnesia of Reform

Type: ReportsWritten by Peter Young & Paul Reynolds | Sunday 14 August 1994

A review of post-Communist privatization. The authors find that the purpose of economic reform and privatization had been forgotte nor deliberately ignored in post-Communist countries. Firms were privatized in an unreconstructed and shoddy state, shareholders have no power, monopolies are protected, conflicts between ministries continued. The authors demanded that UK policy change to ensure effective reforms, they outlines new ways to overcome the problems and make privatization popular and beneficial.

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False Economy

Type: ReportsWritten by Barry Bracewell–Milnes | Friday 10 December 1993

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The Consultant's Report on the Church of England

Type: ReportsWritten by Adrian Pepper | Tuesday 23 November 1993

Is a common morality necessary for the proper functioning of a market, or is religious freedom an undeniable facet of overall freedom in a liberal society? This paper explores those questions and comes to the conclusion that the implementation of market strategies for the Church of England will more successfully promote itself and recruit members, rather than withering within its shelf of state protection, while promoting the freedom of choice that accompanies open markets. In a classic liberal idea, the church will have more importance and influcence if chosen on the market rather than forced by the state.

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A Disorderly House

Type: ReportsWritten by Barry Bracewell–Milnes | Wednesday 18 August 1993

This paper examines the place of excise duties on alcohol within the British fiscal system. It argues that United Kingdom taxes are by international standards heavy on beer, even heavier on wine and very heavy on spirits. These duties on alcohol are the result of historical accident and political pressures and have little or no economic rationale.

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Exorcising Inflation

Type: ReportsWritten by Charles Hanson | Saturday 14 August 1993

Governments should aim for zero inflation, since even moderate inflation leads to higher interest rates, business failures and ultimately higher unemployment. 5 years before the Bank of England were granted nonminal indpendence, Charles Hanson called for monetary policy to be given over to them, as successfully deomonstrated by New Zealand.

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Tomorrow's Way

Type: ReportsWritten by John Hibbs & Gabriel Roth | Thursday 26 November 1992

A look at how the variety of road transport problems in the UK could be solved using market based solutions.

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Wood for the Trees

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Monday 23 November 1992

The privatization of the Forestry Commission and the reasons why are looked into by Douglas Mason. He looks closely at the history of the Forestry Commission and the reasons as to why they have failed in all areas to make state owned forestry viable. He highlights one area, visitors to the forests, as the only one if run properly by the State that could be profitable, though the need for change exists. Douglas Mason also looks at how the privatization could be pushed through and how best to protect the forests under the private sector.

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Privatization in the Nineties

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler et al. | Monday 23 November 1992

Privatization can spread wealth and reduce budget deficits in post-communist and developing countries, say contributors to the Sixth London Conference on Privatization, including Guy de Selliers,Eduardo Modiano, Ibrahim Elwan & Ustun Sanver.

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Judgement Day

Type: ReportsWritten by Adam Thierer | Monday 23 November 1992

Our courts our slow, outdated, and costly. Adam Thierer shows how people in the US have abandoned them for private arbitration: and how the state and federal courts have had to accommodate this change. A model for modernising the court service in the United Kingdom and elsewhere?

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Blueprint for a Revolution

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Madsen Pirie | Monday 23 November 1992

A complete guide through the theory, strategy, and record of rolling back the state in the UK - privatization, internal markets in health education, making executive agencies more independent, and the Citizen's Charter.

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