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An Act Against Trade

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Barry Bracewell-Milnes | Monday 23 November 1992

UK Tax Prejudice Against Trading Abroad: The Problem of Surplus ACT and its Solution.

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Rethinking the Environment

Type: ReportsWritten by Russell Lewis et al. | Thursday 13 August 1992

An excellent collection of free market initiatives from across the public policy world in dealing with a variety of environmental problems.

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An Arresting Idea

Type: ReportsWritten by Tim Evans, Nicholas Elliott & Simon McIlwaine | Tuesday 26 November 1991

At the centre of the problem for the Police Service is the fact that while the crime rate appears to rise inexorably, local authorities and central government have to operate within an economic framework of financial restraint. Resource allocation to the police therefore not only implies difficult decisions, but is further complicated because the business of evaluating the success of the police is an imprecise and highly subjective matter.
The Police Service with its monopolistic, un–competitive structure, operates all too easily in an environment where there is little or no yardstick for comparison against alternatives. This report looks at the different ways that crime is combatted. It also argues that a return to local policing is the way forward to fight the rising levels of crime with the major restructuring of the police serivce giving rise to greater service evaluation, improved efficiency and a more flexible response to the increasing market demand for choice.

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Why Not Work

Type: ReportsWritten by Ralph Howell | Monday 05 August 1991

"To offer people the chance to work and contribute their bit to the community must be better than trapping them in a depressing state of enforced idleness that leaves them less and less able to get back to work." So wrote Ralph Howell in 1991. Following on from Why Unemployment, he argues for radical changes to the welfare system so people can get back to work.

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A Moving Experience

Type: ReportsWritten by Edward Brooks | Friday 23 November 1990

Edward Brooks says the English house-selling system is archaic, costly, slow, and nerve-racking for all concerned. His solution? Binding contracts, house logbooks, searches done by vendors before the house is put on the market - and a second-hand market in houses.

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A Friend in Need

Type: ReportsWritten by Timothy Evans | Friday 23 November 1990

Based on the ideas of Labour MP Frank Field, this report suggests steps toward localization of welfare services through the old Friendly Societies system, rather than the modern state-centered organization. In a bold move away from his party, Field recognized the problems of the state controlled system and the benefits that market forces and local control could incur on the system proposal. In the move back to the Friendly Societies, unemployment benefits would be dispensed locally with specialized services specific to communities, giving customers options of moving to Societies which benefit them most - increasing level of service for all through competition. This report finally concludes that such a change could improve not only the UK, but services across Europe as the trends of competetiveness spread.

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Adam Smith's Legacy

Type: ReportsWritten by Nick Elliot et al. | Friday 23 November 1990

Prominent academics, journalists and politicians highlight the historical contribution of Adam Smith and the role of his ideas in the shaping of modern economic thinking. Includes contributions by Leo Rosten, Professors William Letwin and Edwin G West who speak to The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments specifically, Richard Vernier, Russell Lewis, writing about Adam Smith today, Rt Hon Nicholas Ridley, Professor Norman Barry with a piece about the ethics of capitalism, and Dr Jeremy Shearmur.

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Sunday, Sunday

Type: ReportsWritten by Terry Burke & J R Shackleton | Sunday 26 November 1989

Proposals to allow Sunday opening of shops in England and Wales are again on the political agenda. Despite the failure of the Thatcher government's previous attempt to deregulate Sunday trading, the arguments in favour of change are as strong as ever.
This publication is an evaluation of the arguments for and against Sunday trading, looking at examples of it in action across the world, and applying it to the current UK climate.

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Streets Ahead

Type: ReportsWritten by Nick Elliot | Thursday 23 November 1989

This report by Nick Elliott shows how people in parts of the UK, the US and many other countries have given up on failing local services and take over the management of their own streets - leading to better services, calmer and safer traffic, and falling crime.

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A Decade of Revolution - The Thatcher Years

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Madsen Pirie et al. | Thursday 23 November 1989

The first ten years of Thatcher's rule saw remarkable change in the UK. Having won three successive general elections, area after area of seemingly intractable problems had been tackled and replaced with successes. This report collects news items from throughout that decade of revolution, charting the achievements of the period.

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