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Tomorrow's Way

Type: ReportsWritten by John Hibbs & Gabriel Roth | Thursday 26 November 1992

A look at how the variety of road transport problems in the UK could be solved using market based solutions.

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To have or to be? A reflection on the anti-cuts march

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Preston Byrne | Monday 28 March 2011

In this article, PJ Byrne reflects on the anti-cuts march and the rhetoric used by Labour leader Ed Miliband. The movement's materialism and disregard for ideas, says Byrne, will be its undoing.

Time to rethink Britain's drugs policy

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Henry Oliver | Friday 21 January 2011

The US has effectively dropped the term 'War on Drugs', a tacit admission of that policy's failure. Here, Henry Oliver argues that Britain should learn from the rest of the world and its own history. The government should rethink its policies on drugs and find new policies that work.

Time to charge for GP appointments

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Alex Singleton | Tuesday 24 August 2004

Our illusions about the National Health Service are breaking down. We used to call it 'the envy of the world'. Not any more. We now recognise that our health service is actually pretty poor compared with other developed countries. It has wonderful and dedicated people in it; but they are let down by a system which creaks with incompetence

One of the old NHS principles has been that GP services, including surgery appointments and house calls must be free.

Time to call time

Type: ReportsWritten by Douglas Mason | Sunday 23 November 1986

Way back in 1986 the Adam Smith Institute called for the reform and liberalisation of the archaic drinking and licensing laws of England and Wales. This study by the ASI compared the difference between Scotland and England and Wales after the laws had been changed North of the border. It found that even though alcohol was more readily available there, there was a reduction in the negative aspects of drink such as disorderly behaviour and health. Fifteen years on a government have finally seen sense and decided to relax the laws that govern drinking. The evidence of the past points towards a much safer and healthier environment.

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Time that Inheritance Tax died the death

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler | Tuesday 31 August 2004

The Left's policy wonks have come up with another great wheeze to divide Britain's hard-working classes from their cash. Namely Inheritance Tax (IHT) changes which will (says the spin) 'cut tax in 87% of cases' – but which aim to rake in another £147 million by raising the tax on the other 13%.

Britain levies IHT at an already punitive rate of 40% on all estates over £263,000. And giving away your assets to your kids before you die is no protection either. Unless you live for seven years, the Treasury still demands a slice.

Time for Ireland to say slán to the euro?

Type: Think PiecesWritten by David Howden | Thursday 09 December 2010

No country has suffered more because of the euro than Ireland. In this think piece, David Howden argues that Ireland and Iceland offer contrasting paths from financial collapse, with Iceland on the road to recovery and Ireland on the road to nowhere. If Ireland wants to change course, it's time for it to say goodbye to the euro.

Time for competition in police services?

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Anonymous | Saturday 01 January 2000

The police might think it important to arrest those who use force to defend their property, or to enforce motoring laws such as speed limits, or to offer counselling to crime victims, but these are rated the least important priorities by the general public, according to the Adam Smith Institute's MORI poll, published as The Wrong Package.

These Olympic Games are nothing to be proud of

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Lawsmith | Friday 27 July 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games have been a triumph of wastefulness, nannying government, corporatism, deceit and incompetence. Our writer Lawsmith asks, how could our political class have gotten it so wrong?


There's a simple way to clear the university logjam

Type: Think PiecesWritten by Dr Madsen Pirie | Wednesday 01 September 2010

In this article Dr Madsen Pirie discusses private options for university funding, arguing against a graduate tax. He proposes universities follow the Harvard model of funding and that the government should promote bequests to universities through tax relief.


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