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The Suffolk Bank

Type: ReportsWritten by George Trivioli | Friday 23 November 1979

A lucid account of the Suffolk Bank system which operated in Massachusetts between 1825 and 1858. Dr Trivioli shows that during this period a free enterprise central bank and clearing system operated with great success, bringing stability to a stuation where competing banks issued their own notes.

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The German Social Market Economy

Type: ReportsWritten by Konrad Zweig | Sunday 23 November 1980

Synopsis: In tracing the history of the leading ideas of the Social Market Economy in Germany to their various intellectual roots, Konrad Zweig offers some pertinent insights into the fundamentals of German economic thinking and policies, little known in the English–speaking world. In his foreword to this work, Professor Christian Watrin of the University of Cologne comments: "I see great merit in Dr. Konrad Zweig's essay in clarifying and describing the leading ideas of the German position to an English–speaking public. His paper shows a profound knowledge of the historical roots, but at the same time, his aim is to show the compatibility of a competitive market and social protection.

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The Paratransit Light Vehicle

Type: ReportsWritten by Adam Smith Institute | Sunday 23 November 1980

A report looking at the transport problems in the UK, and at one potential solution to it.

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Reservicing Britain

Type: ReportsWritten by Michael Forsyth | Sunday 23 November 1980

Michael Forsyth provides the solutions for the abject failure of public services in the late 1970s and early 1980s:
"Local authorities seeking to make cuts in expenditure and increase benefits to ratepayers must now undertake extensive privatization of their services. The best method is just to do it, to put out services for private contract. The arguments of theory against the success of such action melt away in the practical results gained wherever it is done.
The British people have come to expect that public services will become lower in quality and' more expensive to provide. This need not be so. Privatization has its part to play, therefore, not only in re–servicing Britain, but in helping to restore the country's faith in itself."

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Town and Country Chaos

Type: ReportsWritten by Robert Jones | Friday 12 November 1982

A critical analysis of Britain's planning system. Not much has changed positively in the years since 1982 making this report still relevant today. It also outlines solutions that would free up the planning system.

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Hayek: His contribution...

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler | Wednesday 23 November 1983

... to the economic and political thought of our time. This book, written by Dr Eamonn Butler, gives an introduction to the great Austrian economist and political philosopher Friedrich A. Hayek. The book covers the themes of Hayek's work, which consists more than 25 books and numerous articles. The topics include Hayek's understanding of the market process; his critique of socialism and the meaningless term of social justice, and Hayek's suggestions for the constitution of the liberal state.

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Airports for Sale

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Sean Barrett | Friday 23 November 1984

An indepth look at the options available for the process of privatizing Britain's airports. Taking into considersation the present thinking (of the mid 1980s) surrounding privitization Dr Barrett outlines how it could be applied to airports and the benefits that it would bring. He also outlines how it could be improved with a variety of differing policy ideas.

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Why Unemployment?

Type: ReportsWritten by Ralph Howell | Tuesday 01 January 1985

What now appears to be a seminal publication on the road to welfare reform. Ralph Howell examines the welfare system of the mid 1980s, what the Beveridge Report didn't utilise and how the two could be combined to create an incentivized work force and a simplified benefits system. This publication foreshadows many of the summer 2008 announcements.

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The Debate on Bus Deregulation

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr John Hibbs | Saturday 23 November 1985

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Funding the BBC

Type: ReportsWritten by Dr Eamonn Butler et al. | Tuesday 10 December 1985

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