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The Broken University

Type: ReportsWritten by James Stanfield | Wednesday 03 March 2010

In The Broken University, education expert James Stanfield examines what is seen and what is not seen in the UK higher education sector. In contrast to the conventional wisdom, he finds no compelling evidence to suggest that public subsidies to higher education have any economic benefit. Moreover, Stanfield convincingly argues that once its hidden costs and unintended consequences are taken into account, government intervention in higher education is doing far more harm than good, and is holding back the development of one of the UK’s most important service sectors.

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Why private schools have a moral duty not to support government schools

Type: Think PiecesWritten by James Stanfield | Wednesday 07 December 2011

According to Anthony Seldon, head of Wellington College, Berkshire, fee-paying private schools have a “moral duty” to help run failing government schools in deprived areas. However, says James Stanfield, private schools are right to question the wisdom of this approach.

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