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Smoking, plain packaging, and public health

Written by Julian Morris | Monday 24 March 2014

Type: Reports

‘We built it together, Mr President, through the division of labour.’

Written by Stephen MacLean | Wednesday 01 August 2012

Type: Think Pieces

Zero Base Policy

Written by Dr Madsen Pirie | Wednesday 10 June 2009

Type: Books

Yes, let’s tax home ownership

Written by Richard Teather | Monday 28 September 2009

Type: Think Pieces

Working Welfare

Written by Katharine Hirst | Tuesday 20 November 2007

Type: Reports

Wood for the Trees

Written by Douglas Mason | Monday 23 November 1992

Type: Reports

Wired to Learn

Written by Tom McMullan | Friday 22 November 2002

Type: Reports

Why Unemployment?

Written by Ralph Howell | Tuesday 01 January 1985

Type: Reports

Why the Global Economy Needs Nations

Written by Rt Hon. Francis Maude MP | Friday 26 November 1999

Type: Reports

Why the case for a flat-tax is irresistible

Written by Dr Madsen Pirie | Thursday 17 February 2005

Type: Think Pieces

Why taxing the rich could make us poorer

Written by Dr Eamonn Butler | Thursday 30 April 2009

Type: Think Pieces

Why recycling can be utter garbage

Written by Dr Eamonn Butler | Tuesday 24 May 2005

Type: Think Pieces

Why private schools have a moral duty not to support government schools

Written by James Stanfield | Wednesday 07 December 2011

Type: Think Pieces

Why Not Work

Written by Ralph Howell | Monday 05 August 1991

Type: Reports

Why MigrationWatch is wrong about immigration and unemployment

Written by Henry Oliver | Tuesday 10 January 2012

Type: Think Pieces

Why Marx was wrong about capitalism

Written by Dr Madsen Pirie | Thursday 11 April 2013

Type: Think Pieces

Why Britain needs an Economic Responsibility Act

Written by Dr Eamonn Butler | Wednesday 28 April 2010

Type: Reports

Why Alistair Darling should raise the personal allowance

Written by Tom Clougherty | Monday 24 November 2008

Type: Reports

Who Pays Corporation Tax

Written by Ben Southwood | Monday 17 March 2014

Type: Reports

Who Owns the Past?

Written by Andrew Selkirk | Wednesday 26 November 1997

Type: Reports

Who owns the past?

Written by Anonymous | Saturday 01 January 2000

Type: Think Pieces

Who is to blame for the Irish crisis?

Written by David Howden | Wednesday 05 January 2011

Type: Think Pieces

When Will the Eurozone Collapse?

Written by Václav Klaus | Thursday 27 May 2010

Type: Think Pieces

What's Wrong with the Welfare State?

Written by ASI Staff | Tuesday 26 November 1996

Type: Reports


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