As well as running its own student programmes, the Adam Smith Institute supports several other independent groups. We strongly encourage young libertarians to get involved with them too.

UK Liberty League

The Liberty League is a network of libertarian campus groups from across the UK. If you want to set up a libertarian group at your university, they are the people to talk to. The UK Liberty League runs two major conferences each year – one in Birmingham in March, and another in London in October –and the various university branches organise regular meetings throughout the academic year. The Liberty League website also hosts a useful calendar of libertarian events taking place in the UK. Follow them on Twitter @libleague.

European Students for Liberty

European Students For Liberty supports pro-liberty student groups across Europe by helping to provide resources, advising students on effective leadership strategies, and connecting students from with both like-minded peers and important leaders and organizations in the pro-liberty movement. ESFL’s activities help students generate the skills, momentum, and connections necessary to effectively advance the pro-liberty movement within Europe and abroad. Their first annual conference took place in Belgium in November 2011 and attracted more than 200 students. Follow them on Facebook.

Liberty Seminars, Slovenia

The Liberty Seminars in Slovenia are organized by the Lighthouse Association (Društvo Svetilnik), a Slovenian classical liberal think tank, in partnership with the Cato Institute from the US. The Adam Smith Institute is a sponsor. In 2011, they held two week-long seminars – the intermediate ‘Liberty Camp’ and the more advanced ‘Freedom and Transition’. For more information, check out their website or join their Facebook group. The next seminars will take place in September 2012.