Here at the ASI we’re always looking for new talent, and eager to hear brave, new, ideas. Our Young Writer on Liberty competition seeks to give students the ability to demonstrate their thinking in a way that in accessible and fun. Most writing contests require students to submit a single, lengthy essay. In contrast we’re looking for original and radical, blue-skies thinking to address a variety of problems.

Entrants to The Young Writer on Liberty competition will be given a theme and asked to submit three ASI-style blogposts, each of no more than 400 words, each dealing with a separate issue or policy recommendation. Entrants must be aged 21 and under on the day of the deadline. 2014’s winner was Vishal Manu, who submitted blogs calling for student loans to be allowed to be spent abroad, for foreign nationals to be allowed to stand for election in UK parliament, and for the supply of opium from Afghanistan to be legalized.

Applications for 2015 are now open!

This year’s topic is: The road not yet travelled: Three paths the next government should take towards a freer United Kingdom

For full details, see here. The deadline is 11.59pm on Friday, May 15th.

To enter, submit your three articles using our online form. If you have any questions or queries, please contact schools@adamsmith.org.

There are categories for the Under-18s and the 18-21s, with a winner and a runner-up in each.

The winner of the Under-18 category will receive £150 prize money and a box of liberty-themed books. They will also have their articles published on the Adam Smith Institute blog.

The winner of the 18-21 category will receive 2 weeks work experience at the Adam Smith Institute, £150 prize money, a box of liberty-themed books, and have their work published on the ASI blog.

Runners-up in each category will also receive a box of books, and have an article of their choice featured on the website.