Internship Programme

The Adam Smith Institute offers unpaid internships to university students and recent graduates who would like to work at the ASI. These are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the policy making process and the wider free-market movement in the UK. It is very important that applicants have an understanding and appreciation for classical liberalism and libertarian thought, and this must show through in your application. 

Our internships are an excellent first step into the world of policy and politics, and many former interns have gone on to work in these areas. They also provide very good experience for a range of non-policy-based careers.


Prospective interns should be available for at least two-three full days every week. Ideally, an internship will last for four to twelve weeks. Please note that summer internships are extremely competitive and candidates stand a far better chance if they can work during the September – May period.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and structure your working hours to allow you to continue your studies while working at the ASI.


Interns will be used in both research and operations capacities, working on research papers whenever they are not working on ASI research or opertaions. Interns are expected to carry out office administration duties as required.


Unfortunately we currently do not have any openings for interns.

Prospective interns should have beliefs that correspond to the values of the Adam Smith Institute. All applicants must be firmly committed to the principles of individual liberty, free markets and classical liberalism. 

To apply, send a covering letter to our Head of Research, Sam Bowman, at, along with:

  • your CV;
  • your availability (number of days per week & length of internship);
  • up to 300 words on your favourite writers, magazines, films and websites;
  • up to 300 words on a policy area (or a number of policy areas) that interest you, and why, including possible projects for you to work in this area at the ASI;
  • a blogpost of up to 400 words on a topic of your choice. This should be policy-focused and written in the style of the Adam Smith Institute blog.

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