Student Conferences

The Adam Smith Institute holds three conferences for students every year - one in the Spring, one in the Summer, and one in the Autumn. These conferences are a great way to learn more about free market economics and libertarian ideas. They are completely free of charge, and we usually throw in a few free books too.

Independent Seminar on the Open Society

ISOS - the Independent Seminar on the Open Society - is a one-day conference for sixth-form students, held in London in the Autumn and Spring each year. Named after the seminal book The Open Society and its Enemies by the philosopher Sir Karl Popper, ISOS explores the principles and practicalities of an open, free and tolerant society. The programme is designed to mesh in with A-level and AS-level syllabuses in politics and economics. Speakers deliberately pitch their talks at a standard of difficulty and technicality that will be comprehensible, but challenging, to students at these levels.

The October 2011 ISOS featured talks on 'Political Interest and Consumer Power', 'Public Goods and the Myth of Market Failure', 'Competition and the Labour Market', and 'Externalities and the Profit Motive'. In the afternoon, we debated the motion 'This house believes there are no such things as 'free' markets." 96 percent of attendees rated the conference as 'Good' or 'Excellent'.

The next ISOS will be held on Monday 31st March in Manchester. For more information and to register for a place at ISOS, email

The Liberty Lectures

Every summer, we hold a more advanced conference - called The Liberty Lectures - for students of all ages. In 2011, in the course of four, forty-minute sessions, our lecturers examined the role of government, wondered how moral capitalism was, explored how markets actually work, and pondered the causes of the financial crisis. Videos of these lectures, and of our other events, can be found on our YouTube video channel.

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