Alex Singleton

Alex Singleton is a public relations consultant.

Parliament goes hostile on climate change

Written by | Wednesday 11 September 2013

Parliament’s cushy consensus over climate change is dead. In 2008, when the Climate Change Bill had its third reading in the Commons, only five MPs voted against. But with doomsday predictions failing to materialize, and the planet failing to warm, MPs are starting to get more skeptical.

On Tuesday, in a Commons Westminster Hall debate, the room was overwhelmingly hostile to the Act. One of those MPs who voted for it, David TC Davies, says that the evidence has made him change his mind:

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Silly union rules have always harmed people

Written by | Wednesday 12 December 2012

We all know that militant trade unionists went over the top in the Sixties and Seventies. But the rot set in a lot earlier. During the First World War, the American government nationalized the country's railways. They were returned to the private sector in 1920, in a dilapidated state.

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Time to charge for GP appointments

Written by | Tuesday 24 August 2004

The trouble is that because GP appointments cost nothing, some people do not value them. Because there is no come-back when they abuse the system, people feel free to misuse it. In the worst cases it can mean doctors being called out in the middle of the night to see people with a headache, when taking an aspirin might have been sufficient. Sometimes peak early morning appointments are booked by people who then change their minds without having the courtesy to tell their doctor.

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