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From the annals of standard bureaucratic behaviour we bring you the RSPCA

Written by | Monday 30 December 2013

It is most politically incorrect to attack the RSPCA: after all, they're the guardians of those animals that we English treat so much better than our own children. But I'm afraid that it does have to be done. For we're now seeing standard bureaucratic behaviour from said RSPCA, something straight out of C. Northcote Parkinson:

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Isn't it wonderful how student loans are starting to actually work?

Written by | Sunday 29 December 2013

I thought this was an amusing little complaint from some recent student. They seem to have rather missed the entire point of having student loans to pay the tuition fees in the first place:

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In which we introduce the word superfetation

Written by | Saturday 28 December 2013

Over at Voluntary Exchange we are introduced to the word "superfetation". Strictly speaking it refers to a second pregnancy that starts while a woman is already pregnant. But it is often used colloquially to have a wider meaning than that. And it is this wider meaning that we should perhaps popularise:

This came up in a discussion of Obamacare:

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Why not US healthcare? Because we want something much more free market than that

Written by | Friday 27 December 2013

It's a standard part of the debate about reform of the NHS: as soon as it's mentioned everyone hares off down the road of insisting that we don't want to have anything like American health care. And the strange thing is that they're right, we don't: we want something much more free market than that. As John Cochrane puts in the WSJ:

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So why do companies pay lobby groups?

Written by | Thursday 26 December 2013

To the simpler minded among us business lobbies against regulations because such regulations would hobble business. And of course those who would impose regulation upon business are the very driven snow in purity, seeking as they are to restrain the depredations of business upon the citizenry. However, it doesn't really work that way:

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All I want for Christmas is the abolition of corporation tax

Written by | Wednesday 25 December 2013

I think it's about time we abolished corporation tax don't you? As this paper shows, the effects will be pretty good. The rise in other taxation as a result of increased growth won't quite cover the revenue loss but it'll be a near thing:

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This strange allegation that Britain isn't eating

Written by | Tuesday 24 December 2013

I'm afraid that this campaign and poster, "Britain Isn't Eating", confuses me greatly.

In a striking billboard advert that says ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’, the charity Church Action on Poverty uses the famous image from the Conservatives’ 1979 election poster, ‘Labour Isn’t Working’. The highly political charity poster features the same long line of people used to illustrate dole queues under Jim Callaghan’s ailing government, but this time places them outside a food bank.

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On the glorious plans of policy wonks

Written by | Sunday 22 December 2013

The roll out of ObamaCare (aka, ACA) has been gloriously incompetent. Websites that don't work, near zero testing of said websites after spending $600 million on just one of them and so on. I'm even told that they haven't even started writing the payments system yet. But there's yet one more story that has me shrieking with laughter:

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The disaster that is Britain's solar power "success"

Written by | Saturday 21 December 2013

We're being told about the wonderful success of Britain's solar power revolution:

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