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An excellent point about free trade

Written by | Wednesday 18 December 2013

From Don Boudreaux's quotation of the day series:

After 1860 only a few import duties remained, and those were exclusively for revenue on such non-British commodities as brandy, wine, tobacco, coffee, tea, and pepper. In fact, although most tariffs were eliminated altogether and the rates of duty on all others were reduced, the increase in total trade was such that customs revenue in 1860 was actually greater than that of 1842.

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The insanity of current green power subsidies

Written by | Tuesday 17 December 2013

As I have been saying for some time now the basic structure of subsidies to the various green power technologies is insane. Policy Exchange have just released a report making much the same point (although, inevitably, they are rather politer about it than I am).

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So that's the gender pay gap solved then

Written by | Sunday 15 December 2013

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How hysterically funny about Mazzucato's "Entrepreneurial State"

Written by | Saturday 14 December 2013

You will recall that a central theme of Marianna Mazzucato's book, The Entrepreneurial State, is that all this gee whizz techno shiny shiny that we see around us really comes from stuff that the government has originally subsidised, invented, come up with or otherwise spirited into creation. And of course, the outcome of this is that all your money belong to us.

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The start of a political meme

Written by | Friday 13 December 2013

A small exercise in trying to spot where a political meme starts out. For this little story is making its way around the web and I am sure that it will become a standard part of the talking points over the minimum wage in the US. It's this idea that servants today are being paid less than servants were in 1910 America. It comes from this piece by David Cay Johnston:

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Raise wages, perhaps, or possibly lower benefits

Written by | Thursday 12 December 2013

We have one of the usual arguments here about immigration. An employer, in this case Dominos, says that they could hire 1,000 people immediately if only people could be bothered to to do the work they are offering. The response was that perhaps they should try paying a little more in order to encrouage people to apply:

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Taxes were too low in the UK this year by precisely £604.48

Written by | Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Guardian, not that it has quite realised it, has proven that in the very worst case taxes were too low in hte UK by £604.48 this year. Here is the proof:

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How do politicians manage to believe such things?

Written by | Monday 9 December 2013

I'm slightly boggled by this statement:

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Introducing you to the word emporiophobia

Written by | Sunday 8 December 2013

Via Don Boudreaux we get this wonderful economics paper, Emporiophobia:

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